Reserve of lakes Lungo and Ripasottile

Laghi lungo e ripatransone CEA Fontenova Centro Educazione Ambientale dal 1992

The natural partial reserve of Lakes Lungo and Ripasottile is a regional nature reserve.

It consists of the Lungo Lake and Ripasottile Lake, once united as Lake Velino, and from the river and its tributaries. From the original lake remediation dating back to the ancient Romans it gave rise to the Marmore waterfall.

The territory is regional reserve since 1985. Since then, the Reserve is an ideal place to observe the local wildlife. Many are birdwatchers who go there every year.

Very easy to spot specimens of Common Buzzard, Hooded Crow, Pigeon, Mallard, Kingfisher, Moorhen, Grey heron, grebe and coot.

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